Walter Genius Domestic Couriers

Under this local Courier service Walter Genius Limited provides different kinds of logistics  tailored specifically for the organisation's special requirements. We offer domestic Inbound and  Outbound services.
Our Majestic Services!
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Walter Genius Air Freight Services

This service is available to our clients who intend to move bulky consignments which are not time  sensitive. This service is also an economic way of sending shipments at much reduced rates.  International Inbound and Outbound Airfreight Express is a service which we encourage our  clients to use.  

International Courier services

Walter Genius Limited has partnered with world class Regional and International courier service  providers. Under this network, we are able to collect consignments from different countries from  one door step and facilitate the importation process until delivery to the next door step. 
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Walter Genius Road Freight Services

Walter Genius Limited has recognized the increased demand in Road freight services and we  have come up with a solution to help our clients by providing this service. This service is  available mostly for heavier parcels and bulky consignments such as pallets and heavy duty  goods. This is a cheaper way of transporting heavy goods in a timely and efficient manner. 

Walter Genius Express Cross border Road Freight

This is a cross border road freight service which we offer to our clients who move bulky goods into the country and out of the country. At Walter Genius Limited we offer this service from the ports or from different countries according to our client's needs. This service is very popular with the  manufacturing industries, the mines, the motor industry and the agricultural industry. 
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Walter Genius Repair & Return Shipments

This is a service which is very common with the mining industry, manufacturing and agricultural  industry. With repair and return service the client may have received a shipment from their  supplier which is defective or they may have had the equipment for some time and it becomes  defective and they wish to have it repaired or exchanged
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Walter Genius Customs Clearance

Walter Genius Courier Services is a member of the Customs clearing and Freight Forwarding  agents Association of Zambia (CCFFAZ). This enables us to do our own customs clearances and  offer a one stop Courier, Freight and customs clearing service.  
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Walter Genius Logistics Additional Services

Dangerous goods Services, Household and Office Removals,  Refrigerated Distribution Services  and Outsourced Purchasing Services.  .
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Service Commitment Guarantee

Walter Genius serves its customers through a total commitment to service, excellence and customer satisfaction. With this  commitment we will ensure quality services to both internal and external customers.  Through the involvement of our  people we will continuously improve our services, processes and systems with  teamwork, innovation and visionary leadership. 
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Walter Genius Removals Services

Shifting can be quite a headache. We are here as Waltergenius to lessen the burden. We have  customized a service that assists pack your furniture in well labeled and secure packages.  Moving premises has never been easier!